Simplcity Global Services Google Analytics Code

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<!-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics --><script async src=""></script><script>window.dataLayer = window.da

ismobile javascript code

14/04/2020 20:06:00 by Administrator 217
ismobile javascript code added to admin and master page at the top 

Date format in repeater

02/09/2019 07:29:00 by Administrator 462
<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "ActionListDate", "{0:d/M/yyyy hh:mm:ss tt}") %> <%# string.Format("{0:ddd MMM yyyy}", Eval("ActionListDate"))%>

User Roles

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Super Admin : Defined for developer and application other implementation to show some information required during development of the application. Admin : Definded for client only. Other roles as per

Form Header Button Defination

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data-headbtn="000000111" each character defines one button (index starts from 0 ) i.e. Previous Record Next Record Add New Record Entry Form List Form Entry and List Form Show Hidden Field

facebook best practice

15/07/2019 02:54:00 by Administrator 432
Face book best practice and image details are as follows

thefire data migration to new program

02/10/2019 01:26:00 by Administrator 414
insert into posts select companyid, ptypeid, postid, langid, lpostid1,lpostid2,plink, forid, ppostid,ptitle,pshort,pfull,postedby,metakey,metadescription,metadata,sortorder,postdate,postrate,totalview

background color change animation

02/09/2019 07:47:00 by Administrator 419
#colorchange { animation: colorchange 50s; /* animation-name followed by duration in seconds*/ /* you could also use milliseconds (ms) or something like 2.5s */ -webkit-animati

Category vs Tags

19/09/2019 17:38:00 by Administrator 428
A tag is more specific and addresses items you discuss in a particular blog post. A tag is usually only a word or two and reflects the keywords or points of your article.

Adhvik go Online Google Analytics Code

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<!-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics --><script async src=""></script><script>window.dataLayer = window.d