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to check server side unique value add 
class to the input
function is in account.js
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01 Nov 19 by Administrator 162
For multiuser envirment MS SQL slows down queries due to following reason Using subquery Using functions
06 Mar 20 by Administrator 27
import-csv C:\Temp\Myfile.csv | export-csv C:\Temp\Myfile_New.csv -NoTypeInformation -Encoding UTF8
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E:\AIO-IMP\aos-master ### 👻 Animations There are serveral predefined animations you can use already: * Fade animations:* fade* fade-up* fade-down* fade-left* fade-right* fade-up-right* fade-up-lef
23 Sep 19 by Administrator 184
Concat column names in following way we can specify any column template for data field there must be = in the beginning and == in the end { data: '=FName== =MName== =LName', title: 'Full Name' },
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Add each company registration form to the .z file so that it can be changed as per the company.

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