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23 Sep 19 by Administrator 143
Concat column names in following way we can specify any column template for data field there must be = in the beginning and == in the end
{ data: '=FName== =MName== =LName', title: 'Full Name' },
Show 20px by 20px selected color box
, { defaultContent: 'color', data: 'GColor', title: 'Color' }
Edit and Delete Action button
{ "defaultContent": actbtn, title: 'Action'},
Hidden Field
{ data: 'Companyid', title: 'Companyid', visible:false },
Image Column
Checkbox column with column value
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website meta settings are done in default.cs file Session["metas"]
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$(function () {//--- Generate Sidebar using current navbarvar mmenu = $('#mainmenu').html();$('nav.w3-sidebar').append(mmenu);$('button:first', 'nav.w3-sidebar .w3-dropdown-hover').addClass('w3-bar-it
03 Jan 20 by Administrator 42
CREATE VIEW vLinks ASSELECT 0 AS srt, 'vposts2' AS tbl, PTypeId, PostId, PTitle, PLink FROM postsUNIONSELECT 1 AS srt, 'vgeneralsettings' AS tbl, GTypeId, GId, GTitle, GLink FROM generalsettingsUNIONS
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to check server side unique value add  noduplicate class to the input function is in account.js
16 Nov 19 by Administrator 122
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