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07 Jul 19 by Administrator 283
For this update need database update to mssqlserver 2016
and there is update to base insert and view functions 
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-- execute on powercraft local pc to remove previous transactions and dataTRUNCATE Table gtabletaskstruncate table itemopeningdelete from trnhac where TransactionDate <= '2019-03-31' delete from Tr
01 Dec 19 by Administrator 217
 Set animation using data-aos attribute: <div data-aos="fade-in"></div> And adjust behaviour by using data-aos-* attributes: <div data-aos="fade
02 Sep 19 by Administrator 168
E:\AIO-IMP\aos-master ### 👻 Animations There are serveral predefined animations you can use already: * Fade animations:* fade* fade-up* fade-down* fade-left* fade-right* fade-up-right* fade-up-lef
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We can get country flag using following file apis https://www.countryflags.io/
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