Owl Options

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Options List including all options from built-in plugins video, lazyload, autoheight and animate. items Type: NumberDefault: 3 The number of items you want to see on the screen. m

whats app sharing meta settings

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Step 1: title Maximum of 65 characters <title>your keyword rich title of the website and/or webpage</title> Step 2: description Maximum of 155 characters <meta name="description"

ismobile javascript code

14/04/2020 20:06:00 by Administrator 218
ismobile javascript code added to admin and master page at the top 

jQuery Selector

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Selector Example Selects * $("*") All elements #id $("#lastname") The element with id="lastname" .class $(".intro") All elements with class="intro" .class,.class $(".intro

favicon meta settings

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2019 standards thanks to faviconit I use faviconit.com for the best browser and device support possible. You upload an image and this site gives you the code, the converted images and

reCaptcha Google

09/05/2020 17:51:00 by Administrator 196
https://www.google.com/u/2/recaptcha/admin/site/351527026/settings$("form").submit(function(event) { var recaptcha = $("#g-recaptcha-response").val(); if (recaptcha === "") { event.pr

Web safe fonts

24/08/2019 11:22:00 by Administrator 475
There are few web safe fonts which can be widely used in websites. Arial Helvetica Times New Roman Times Courier New Courier Verdana Georgia Palatino Garamond Bookman Comic Sans MS Treb

User Roles

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Super Admin : Defined for developer and application other implementation to show some information required during development of the application. Admin : Definded for client only. Other roles as per

sanjeewan alumni

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For sanjeewan alumni there are reference sites are https://www.iitbombay.org/ https://iitmaa.org/

Sessions Defined in Application

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dtuser = dataset of user query for login check return userid = Accountid of current login user usertypeid = AccountTypeId of current login user username = First NAme and LastName of current login u