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Events are provided by Owl Carousel in strategic code locations. This gives you the ability to listen for any changes and perform your own actions.

var owl = $('.owl-carousel');
// Listen to owl events:
owl.on('changed.owl.carousel', function(event) {

You could also trigger events by yourself to control Owl Carousel:

var owl = $('.owl-carousel');
// Go to the next item
$('.customNextBtn').click(function() {
// Go to the previous item
$('.customPrevBtn').click(function() {
    // With optional speed parameter
    // Parameters has to be in square bracket '[]'
    owl.trigger('prev.owl.carousel', [300]);


Instead of attaching an event handler you can also just add a callback to the options of Owl Carousel.

    onDragged: callback
function callback(event) {


Each event passes very useful information within the event object . Based on the example above:

function callback(event) {
    // Provided by the core
    var element   = event.target;         // DOM element, in this example .owl-carousel
    var name      = event.type;           // Name of the event, in this example dragged
    var namespace = event.namespace;      // Namespace of the event, in this example owl.carousel
    var items     = event.item.count;     // Number of items
    var item      = event.item.index;     // Position of the current item
    // Provided by the navigation plugin
    var pages     = event.page.count;     // Number of pages
    var page      = event.page.index;     // Position of the current page
    var size      = event.page.size;      // Number of items per page

Type: attachable
Callback: onInitialize

When the plugin initializes.

Type: attachable
Callback: onInitialized

When the plugin has initialized.

Type: attachable
Callback: onResize

When the plugin gets resized.

Type: attachable
Callback: onResized

When the plugin has resized.

Type: attachable, cancelable, triggerable
Callback: onRefresh
Parameter: [event, speed]

When the internal state of the plugin needs update.

Type: attachable
Callback: onRefreshed

When the internal state of the plugin has updated.

Type: attachable
Callback: onDrag

When the dragging of an item is started.

Type: attachable
Callback: onDragged

When the dragging of an item has finished.

Type: attachable
Callback: onTranslate

When the translation of the stage starts.

Type: attachable
Callback: onTranslated

When the translation of the stage has finished.

Type: attachable
Callback: onChange
Parameter: property

When a property is going to change its value.

Type: attachable
Callback: onChanged
Parameter: property

When a property has changed its value.

Type: triggerable
Parameter: [speed]

Goes to next item.

Type: triggerable
Parameter: [speed]

Goes to previous item.

Type: triggerable
Parameter: [position, speed]

Goes to position.

Type: triggerable

Destroys carousel.

Type: triggerable
Parameter: data

Removes current content and add a new one passed in the parameter.

Type: triggerable
Parameter: [data, position]

Adds a new item on a given position.

Type: triggerable
Parameter: position

Removes an item from a given position.



Type: attachable
Callback: onLoadLazy

When lazy image loads.


Type: attachable
Callback: onLoadedLazy

When lazy image has loaded.



Type: triggerable
Parameter: [timeout, speed]

Runs autoplay.


Type: triggerable

Stops autoplay.



Type: attachable
Callback: onStopVideo

When video has unloaded.


Type: attachable
Callback: onPlayVideo

When video has loaded.


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