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(5*252 + 4*124 + 3*40 + 2*29 + 1*33) / (252+124+40+29+33) = 4.11 and change

alter table posts ALTER column TotalViews varchar(100)

252+124+40+29+33 === this value added to TotalViews


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Owl Classes

02/12/2019 05:30:00 by Administrator 235
Classes This is an example of how html is rendered. With the following options you can change almost every class the way you want <div class="owl-carousel owl-theme owl-loaded"> <div c

Country Flag api

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We can get country flag using following file apis https://www.countryflags.io/

Web safe fonts

24/08/2019 11:22:00 by Administrator 349
There are few web safe fonts which can be widely used in websites. Arial Helvetica Times New Roman Times Courier New Courier Verdana Georgia Palatino Garamond Bookman Comic Sans MS Treb

AOS Effects

01/12/2019 18:37:00 by Administrator 390
 Set animation using data-aos attribute: <div data-aos="fade-in"></div> And adjust behaviour by using data-aos-* attributes: <div data-aos="fade

grids3 format for testimonial sawant academy

11/05/2020 14:31:00 by Administrator 57
<section class="parallax ai-object" style="background-image:url(_SawantAcademy/u/pos/202005/library--1920.jpg)">    <div class="aip32 mw g3">        <h2 cl

Sessions Defined in Application

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dtuser = dataset of user query for login check return userid = Accountid of current login user usertypeid = AccountTypeId of current login user username = First NAme and LastName of current login u

Adhvik go Online Google Analytics Code

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<!-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics --><script async src="https://www.googletagmanager.com/gtag/js?id=UA-112112940-1"></script><script>window.dataLayer = window.d

facebook sharing meta settings

03/10/2019 02:18:00 by Administrator 275
https://developers.facebook.com/docs/sharing/webmasters A Guide to Sharing for Webmasters This document describes how you optimize web-hosted content that people share to Facebook, regardles

aio effects and animations

02/09/2019 19:49:00 by Administrator 269
E:\AIO-IMP\aos-master ### 👻 Animations There are serveral predefined animations you can use already: * Fade animations:* fade* fade-up* fade-down* fade-left* fade-right* fade-up-right* fade-up-lef

CSV file add double quotes

06/03/2020 06:46:00 by Administrator 125
import-csv C:\Temp\Myfile.csv | export-csv C:\Temp\Myfile_New.csv -NoTypeInformation -Encoding UTF8