grids3 format for testimonial sawant academy

11/05/2020 14:31:00 by Administrator 57
<section class="parallax ai-object" style="background-image:url(_SawantAcademy/u/pos/202005/library--1920.jpg)">    <div class="aip32 mw g3">        <h2 cl

reCaptcha Google

09/05/2020 17:51:00 by Administrator 61$("form").submit(function(event) { var recaptcha = $("#g-recaptcha-response").val(); if (recaptcha === "") {

Form Code Base List

16/04/2020 21:33:00 by Administrator 79
0 a\Account1 a\Account12 a\Account23 a\AccountActiveDeactive4 a\AccountActiveDeactive15 a\AccountActiveDeactive26 a\AccountActiveDeactive37 a\AccountAssignment8 a\AccountAttendance9 a\AccountBank10 a\

ismobile javascript code

14/04/2020 20:06:00 by Administrator 96
ismobile javascript code added to admin and master page at the top 

Navigator detect

06/04/2020 05:33:00 by Administrator 115
Navigation browser detect information = navigator.productSub = 20030107navigator.vendor = Google Inc.navigator.maxTouchPoints = 0navigator.h

CSV file add double quotes

06/03/2020 06:46:00 by Administrator 126
import-csv C:\Temp\Myfile.csv | export-csv C:\Temp\Myfile_New.csv -NoTypeInformation -Encoding UTF8

General Master List

11/01/2020 14:01:00 by Administrator 221
$(function() { $('#glist').off('click','div').on('click', 'div', function(e) { var s1 = $(this).text().split('-'); var g1='a.GTypeId='+s1[0]; $('#gtitle').text(s1[1]); $('#gslist').data('condition'

Bootsnav Menu New Implementation

07/01/2020 03:31:00 by Administrator 236
file:///G:/Downloads/bootsnav-master/index.html# This plugin like implementation is required in website. Try

Database Update

03/01/2020 06:57:00 by Administrator 170
CREATE VIEW vLinks ASSELECT 0 AS srt, 'vposts2' AS tbl, PTypeId, PostId, PTitle, PLink FROM postsUNIONSELECT 1 AS srt, 'vgeneralsettings' AS tbl, GTypeId, GId, GTitle, GLink FROM generalsettingsUNIONS

Database Update

03/01/2020 04:54:00 by Administrator 170
ALTER TABLE Item ADD ILink varchar(3500)ALTER TABLE Item ADD IDImages varchar(7000) ALTER TABLE generalsettings ADD GLink varchar(3500) GO ALTER VIEW [dbo].[vItem]ASSELECT i1.ILink,i1.CompanyId, i1

Database Update

01/01/2020 11:28:00 by Administrator 170
ALTER TABLE Account ADD ALink varchar(3500)GO ALTER VIEW [dbo].[vAccount]ASSELECT a1.CompanyId, a1.AccountId, a1.AccountTypeId, a1.ARoleIds, a1.PAccountId, a1.ACode, a1.OCode, a1.ATitle, a1.Gender, a

Owl Classes

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Classes This is an example of how html is rendered. With the following options you can change almost every class the way you want <div class="owl-carousel owl-theme owl-loaded"> <div c

Owl Options

02/12/2019 05:29:00 by Administrator 236
Options List including all options from built-in plugins video, lazyload, autoheight and animate. items Type: NumberDefault: 3 The number of items you want to see on the screen. m

Animation.css Effects

02/12/2019 04:49:00 by Administrator 173
Animations To animate an element, add the class animated to an element. You can include the class infinite for an infinite loop. Finally you need to add one of the following class

AOS Effects

01/12/2019 18:37:00 by Administrator 391
 Set animation using data-aos attribute: <div data-aos="fade-in"></div> And adjust behaviour by using data-aos-* attributes: <div data-aos="fade

Youtube Channel Custom Url Requirements

28/11/2019 02:18:00 by Administrator 238
Custom URL eligibility To create a custom URL for your channel, your account needs to: Have 100 or more subscribers Be at least 30 days old Have an uploaded photo as a channel icon Have uploa

facebook api for

23/09/2019 03:15:00 by 206 && <script>window.fbAsyncInit = function() {FB.init({appId : '1208343976013791',cookie : true,xfbml : true,version : 'v4.0'});F

MS SQL Query Important

01/11/2019 05:32:00 by Administrator 264
For multiuser envirment MS SQL slows down queries due to following reason Using subquery Using functions

favicon meta settings

03/10/2019 02:25:00 by Administrator 315
2019 standards thanks to faviconit I use for the best browser and device support possible. You upload an image and this site gives you the code, the converted images and

facebook sharing meta settings

03/10/2019 02:18:00 by Administrator 275 A Guide to Sharing for Webmasters This document describes how you optimize web-hosted content that people share to Facebook, regardles