ismobile javascript code

14/04/2020 20:06:00 by Administrator 58
ismobile javascript code added to admin and master page at the top 

Navigator detect

06/04/2020 05:33:00 by Administrator 77
Navigation browser detect information = navigator.productSub = 20030107navigator.vendor = Google Inc.navigator.maxTouchPoints = 0navigator.h

Form Header Button Defination

by 292
data-headbtn="000000111" each character defines one button (index starts from 0 ) i.e. Previous Record Next Record Add New Record Entry Form List Form Entry and List Form Show Hidden Field

Form Entry List Types

by 332
Add the following nos to the data-formview="1" etc to the link View Only List and View Only Entry Only Entry First on update go to List List Only List First on Edit or Add go to Entry Show Bo

New Portal Image Dimension

15/09/2019 13:37:00 by Administrator 243
For every news portal use dimension as 100, 480, 800 Approximage Image Sizes  : 2.8, 36.3, 83 Total: 140 kb for single news use 800 for multiple news use 480 and for thumb and lazy load us

Date format in repeater

02/09/2019 07:29:00 by Administrator 282
<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "ActionListDate", "{0:d/M/yyyy hh:mm:ss tt}") %> <%# string.Format("{0:ddd MMM yyyy}", Eval("ActionListDate"))%>

Sports Sagaa Google Analytics Code

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<!-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics --><script async src=""></script><script>window.dataLayer = window.da

Database Update

01/01/2020 11:28:00 by Administrator 142
ALTER TABLE Account ADD ALink varchar(3500)GO ALTER VIEW [dbo].[vAccount]ASSELECT a1.CompanyId, a1.AccountId, a1.AccountTypeId, a1.ARoleIds, a1.PAccountId, a1.ACode, a1.OCode, a1.ATitle, a1.Gender, a

FullScreen YouTube Video Background In Pure CSS

18/08/2019 11:37:00 by Administrator 419
following is the codepen example

Address Generation on Postal Code

by 740
Search Post Office Details By PIN Code