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insert into a11db38c6_minerva11920.dbo.Account SELECT * from a11db38c6_minerva1.dbo.Account insert into a11db38c6_minerva11920.dbo.AddressMaster SELECT * from a11db38c6_minerva1.dbo.AddressMaster insert into a11db38c6_minerva11920.dbo.generalsettings SELECT * from a11db38c6_minerva1.dbo.generalsettings insert into a11db38c6_minerva11920.dbo.gtables SELECT * from a11db38c6_minerva1.dbo.gtables insert into a11db38c6_minerva11920.dbo.Item SELECT * from a11db38c6_minerva1.dbo.Item insert into a11db38c6_minerva11920.dbo.ItemAssembly SELECT * from a11db38c6_minerva1.dbo.ItemAssembly insert into a11db38c6_minerva11920.dbo.ItemFinished SELECT * from a11db38c6_minerva1.dbo.ItemFinished insert into a11db38c6_minerva11920.dbo.ItemOpening SELECT * from a11db38c6_minerva1.dbo.ItemOpening insert into a11db38c6_minerva11920.dbo.lastnumbers SELECT * from a11db38c6_minerva1.dbo.lastnumbers insert into a11db38c6_minerva11920.dbo.TaxCalcTypeList SELECT * from a11db38c6_minerva1.dbo.TaxCalcTypeList insert into a11db38c6_minerva11920.dbo.TrnTypes SELECT * from a11db38c6_minerva1.dbo.TrnTypes insert into a11db38c6_minerva11920.dbo.Units SELECT * from a11db38c6_minerva1.dbo.Units update a11db38c6_minerva11920.dbo.lastnumbers set LId=0 where TId=27 select * from a11db38c6_minerva11920.dbo.lastnumbers
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01 Jan 20 by Administrator 78
ALTER TABLE Account ADD ALink varchar(3500)GO ALTER VIEW [dbo].[vAccount]ASSELECT a1.CompanyId, a1.AccountId, a1.AccountTypeId, a1.ARoleIds, a1.PAccountId, a1.ACode, a1.OCode, a1.ATitle, a1.Gender, a
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Add each company registration form to the .z file so that it can be changed as per the company.
23 Sep 19 by Administrator 190
(5*252 + 4*124 + 3*40 + 2*29 + 1*33) / (252+124+40+29+33) = 4.11 and changealter table posts ALTER column TotalViews varchar(100)252+124+40+29+33 === this value added to TotalViews
01 Dec 19 by Administrator 217
 Set animation using data-aos attribute: <div data-aos="fade-in"></div> And adjust behaviour by using data-aos-* attributes: <div data-aos="fade
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